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About  tagter.com  ......
What  is  tagter.com?

Tagter.com is a platform designed for the Business Opportunities between our vendors and our members. Our vendors provide "Opportunities" to members whereas our members provide "Business/Sales" to vendors, creating win-win situation for both parties in earning money.
What  are  the  opportunities?

Our vendors currently provide "Internet Broadband" business opportunity for our members. Our members look for internet broadband customers and submit to tagter.com, our vendors will pay commission once the sales process completed.
Property Listing
You  can  list  unlimited  properties  in  tagter.com

Besides the business opportunities by our vendors, you can list your properties here. It's totaly free and you may list unlimited advertisements. We have huge number of agents and our agents may refer customers to you.
Team Earning
Build  Your  Team  And  Earn  More

You can have 3 levels of network that are related to you. You can earn overriding commission from all 3 levels of your network when anyone of your team members' sales successfully completed.
Who to Recruit
Who  Can  Be  Your  Network  Team  Member?

Anyone who need property listing, who can bring in broadband customers or anyone who need business opportunity are all your potential network team member. You may recruit them by refering them to tagter.com by your ID through social media (It's simple).
How  do  you  earn  your  commission?
Sell Broadband
Example:  Promote  &  Sell  Maxis  Home  Fibre

We pay 180% of package monthly price as commission to our members for all successful installed Maxis Home Fibre package. If the package price is RM139, you will get:
RM139 x 180% = RM250.20 as commission.
Why  Your  Team  Is  So  Important?  Please  Refer  To  The  Example  Below:
Network  Earning  Example:  (Maxis  Home  Fibre)
180%  of  Maxis  Home  Fibre  10Mbps  (RM139)

You submitted 1 Maxis Home Fibre 10Mbps (RM139) sales
Commission from your Personal Sales:
1 x RM139.00 x 180% = RM250.20
Platinum Partners
15%  overriding  from  your  platinum  partners

For example; If you have 10 platinum partners (Members recruited direct under your account). Each partner submitted 1 Maxis Home Fibre 10Mbps (RM139), you will get:
10 x RM139 x 15% = RM208.50
Gold Partners
10%  overriding  from  your  gold  partners

For example; If you have 100 gold partners (Each platinum partner has 10 direct partners). Each gold partner submitted 1 Maxis Home Fibre 10Mbps (RM139), you will get:
100 x RM139 x 10% = RM1,390.00
Silver Partners
5%  overriding  from  your  silver  partners

For example; If you have 1000 silver partners (Each gold partner has 10 direct partners). Each silver partner submitted 1 Maxis Home Fibre 10Mbps (RM139), you will get:
1,000 x RM139 x 5% = RM6,950.00
Maxis Home Fibre 10Mbps Submitted By
No of Partner
Monthly Fee
Commission Calculation
Your Commission
You  (Personal Sales) 1 RM139.00 RM139.00 x 180% x 1 RM250.20
Platinum Partner 10 RM139.00 RM139.00 x 15% x 10 RM208.50
Gold Partner 100 RM139.00 RM139.00 x 10% x 100 RM1,390.00
Silver Partner 1,000 RM139.00 RM139.00 x 5% x 1,000 RM6,950.00
Your Total Commission  
Multiple  Broadbands  From  Different  Vendors

Different vendors provide different internet broadband with different commission rate. If you are interested to know more, create an account and join us now. An account manager will be assigned to assist you in everything related to Tagter.com
It's Simple
It's  Simple  Work,  Nothing  To  Worry  About

What you need to do is just:
  • Create an account and join us (Just a few clicks)
  • Sign up your internet broadband customers (You can easily get customers everywhere)
  • Recruit your partners (Anyone can join you, it's free to join)
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