Free Broadband Online Registration Page

Yes, you are right! We give you free Broadband Online Registration Web page. What can this help you?

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It Works 24 Hours For You

The web page helps you to work 24 hours.

It serves your prospects anytime, anywhere.

You Run The Business, We Maintain The Web Page

The web page will be updated with latest information.

Prospects can sign up with latest package.

Special Web Page Link For You

You can choose the word you like as your web page link.

The link will be like

Prospects Management System

All prospect signed up will be in your prospect management

You can manage your prospect easily through

We care because your business is our business!

We conquer the market as a team, we provide weapon for free, you attack, we defend.



What can you do with your Broadband Online Registration Page?

There are few things you can do for your marketing:

Target Your Existing Customers

You can share your web page link with your existing customers or people you know.

Create QR Code

You can create QR Code for your prospect to scan and register.

Social Media Marketing

You may do online marketing in social media, share your link for people to sign up.

Add Link To Your Web Site

You may add a link for your current web site as additional service for your visitors.



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# High Commission Rate & TagPoint Rewards

# Special Price Products

 Example: 012-3459876
Note: The email will be your login ID and it cannot be changed in future.
Note: If the above is not your introducer, please key in your introducer's email address or store name / Tagter ID.
Note: Please select the category of your business nature. Select Others If you do not have any or for personal use.

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