Internet Broadband Package

There are various internet broadband packages available and the 2 most hot selling packages are:

  • Unifi 30Mbps @ RM89
  • Unifi 100Mbps @ RM129

You can view full range of packages after you join and log in to

High Commission Rate Up to 180% offer Commission Rate of Up to 180% to you. Commission will be paid for each and every successful installed internet broadband subcription that you have submitted to You can view full commission rate after you join and log in to Applied.

Commission Calculation

For example, if you submit 1 Unifi 100Mbps @ RM129 subscription to, you will receive (RM 129 x 180% = RM 232.20) as commission. Of course, the more subcriptions you submit, the more commission you get.

TagPoint Rewards offer TagPoint Rewards from your internet broadband subscription as well. For example, if you submit 1 Unifi 100Mbps @ RM129 subscription to, you will receive 20 TagPoint. TagPoint can be used to redeem more discount on products.

Please watch the video below to know more about what offer you
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How To Start Earning Internet Broadband Commission?

It is easy to start earning commission from internet broadband subscription. You just need to follow 5 easy steps below:

Step 1. Join As Agent

Your first step is to join as agent by creating an account. More detail will be available after you join and log in to

Step 2. Promote Internet Broadband

Explore internet broadband packages and promote to your friends, customers, property tenants and etc. FREE Online Registration Website will be provided to you to start promoting. You will be assigned an account manager to assist you.

Step 3. Submit Internet Broadband Order

Once you have got customer who want to subscribe internet broadband from you, you submit the order to team will process the order as soon as possible.

Step 4. Installation & Activation

At this step, order processed and installation appointment date fixed. You just need to wait for the installer to complete the installation for customer.

Step 5. Receive Commission + TagPoint Rewards

Comission will be paid directly to your bank account when it is ready. TagPoint will be issued to you for more discount when you purchse products.



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