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Tagter.com Policy
Priciple Product
1.  Principle products are products or services (Such as Streamyx, Unifi, Celcom etc..) offered by principle (Such as TM, Maxis, Time, Astor etc..) whereby Tagter.com has the authority to handle, manage the registration, operation and payment of the products.
2.  Tagter.com provides an online platform for Tagter.com to manage principle products and to communicate with business partner.
3.  Registration, operation and payment of any principle products is solely managed by Tagter.com.
4.  All sales and applications submitted by business partner must be genuine and comply with all laws, rules and regulations by any relevant authority.
5.  All applications or sales submitted by business partner are compulsory to have complete set of documents uploaded according to the principle product requirement.
6.  Business partner shall not quote a product price, promotion package on behalf of Tagter.com other than those approved by Tagter.com and/or the related product principle.
7.  It is business partner's responsibility to ensure that all customer information keyed in to the system is correct.
8.  Business partner shall not mislead or provide incorrect information to the customers or applicants.
1.  Commission will be paid to business partner according to both the terms and conditions of principle product and Tagter.com.
2.  Commission payout will be following Tagter.com commission rate and Tagter.com reserves the right to amend the commission rate from time to time.
3.  Tagter.com reserves the right to forfeit business partner's commission if business partner fail to submit complete set of documents.
4.  Payment will be made once two weeks according to principle claim list and the supporting document submitted.
5.  Tagter.com reserves the right to amend payment date and payment method from time to time.
Showcause Letter, Claw Back Commission and Penalty From Principle
1.  Business partner shall reply showcause letter from principle within 3 days if found any.
2.  Failure to reply showcause letter may lead to serious penalty from principle.
3.  Tagter.com shall not bear any losses arising from misconduct of business partner's sales practices.
4.  Debit note will be issued to business partner if Tagter.com receives Debit Note from the principle for the related applications or sales.
5.  Penalty will be issued to the business partner if Tagter.com receives penalty from the related principle for the related applications or sales.
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